How MILFS are becoming sexier

How MILFS are becoming sexier

Coach Jessica Porter has revolutionized the world of dieting with her latest book: The MILF diet. The title directly appeals to mothers over 40 years of age and is that, the term MILF is an acronym that responds to the concept of: Mom I’d Like to Fuck. The most curious thing about its success is that it is not a diet in the strict sense to lose weight, at least not directly, but to transform the body and mind of mature women through food, in order to regain sexual attraction.

She follows “mens sana in corpore sano” and explains that the most important thing to be happy, energetic and attractive is to achieve a balance through nutrition,¬†without concealing the increase in sexual appetite, as seen on

Foods to improve physical appearance

Exotic products are also included in their list of foods with properties to increase attractiveness (milfy food). Algae are one of them, because they “keep the skin moisturized and the hair strong and shiny without split ends”. It also assures that the intake of grains or cereal seeds “helps us to take better advantage of the peaks of more energy during the day, as well as to clear our minds and increase lucidity”, so we recommend them especially for breakfast.

The intake of uncooked plant-based foods is another maxim of the MILF diet, although it does not stop proposing sauces made from fruit and spices to accompany the dishes and which “irradiate color,” he says. Smell and sight are senses that are activated before taste at mealtime and Porter also places a special emphasis on the presentation of dishes.

If you follow these culinary tips, in addition to other hints Porter offers to “radiate a sexy and natural femininity,” people will feel better about themselves, look younger, and raise their self-esteem. Nothing more than a sort of positive psychology applied to nutrition, but which is causing furor among numerous TV celebrities and which has earned it the nickname’ Madonna diet’. A fashion that doesn’t seem fleeting due to the delay in motherhood, the increase in the cult of image, and the prolongation of life expectancy. Factors that have turned mature women into an important niche market for different sectors.

Health benefits

For Porter, the MILF diet focuses not only on restoring youthful energy and achieving inner balance, but also on improving health. This diet will strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of serious illness. These include certain types of cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes.

In short, it is about the diet of well-being, as some have called it, which “will help mature women to fully enjoy their sex life and find the goddess they carry within. At least for thousands of women readers, the slogan has sounded appealing, especially when it comes to one of the few diets that does not require a drastic reduction in daily food intake.