How to generate traffic to your website

How to generate traffic to your website

The challenge of every blog is to get more traffic as part of our online strategy. Thanks to SEO, Email Marketing and Social Networking. Today, content marketing is the most effective way to increase traffic to your website, get links and interactions in social networks.

But how can we get that traffic to increase? And even more so, how can we make sure that this traffic is a qualified visitor who may one day become a customer? You probably know several strategies and have implemented many of them, but I want to give you a unique vision that also allows you to measure ROI and know if they are being effective or not.

Master Long Tail keywords

If you want your content to really increase the traffic of your website you should think about organic traffic. It’s a longer-term bet but it’s an almost certain investment. Today, after the changes in Google’s algorithm, long tail keywords have a lot of relevance. Imagine that you have developed an email marketing tool for companies and want to launch your first post talking about it.

The temptation would be to choose “email marketing” as the keyword. If your blog is also young, the chances of getting it are low, no matter how good content you write. Also, for that keyword you are likely to get unqualified traffic, such as a student who wants to know what email marketing is for a college job. My advice is to go for a long tail, i. e. a long keyword, such as “email marketing software”,”email marketing platforms”.

Leave comments on other blogs

Help people get to know you! Because of my experience, one of the keys to increase the traffic of your website is to know your audience, for whom you write your content and above all to be consistent because the results sometimes take a little while to arrive. I don’t know of any blogger or marketing professional whose success has been by chance.

The techniques I have told you about are techniques that I have tried, that have given me good results and so I share them, but they are all based on work and planning. If your objective is to increase the traffic of your website and you are not afraid to spend hours researching, testing and measuring, you will see how they will give you very good results.