Use SEO to increase the success of your domain

Use SEO to increase the success of your domain

In this chapter we will talk about how to optimize the main factors of positioning as well as the main SEO problems that arise when optimizing a website and its possible solutions. The first step in optimizing the SEO of a website is to allow access to search engines to our content. That is to say, you have to check if the web is visible to the eyes of search engines and above all, how they are viewing the page.

For various reasons that we will explain below, it may be the case that search engines can not read a website correctly, a prerequisite for positioning. If the structure of a website is too deep Google will find it more difficult to reach all pages.

Loading speed

You should also keep in mind that a very slow page load can cause your rebound percentage to soar, so it becomes a vital factor not only for positioning but also for a good user experience. To see the loading speed of your website we recommend Google Page Speed, where you can check what problems slow down your site and find the tips offered by Google to tackle them. Focus on the high- and medium-priority ones.


That sounds bad, right? Cannibalization of keywords occurs when in a website there are several pages that compete for the same keywords. This confuses the search engine by not knowing which one is the most relevant for that keyword. This problem is very common in e-commerce, because having several versions of the same product “attack” with all of them to the same keywords. For example, if you sell a book in softcover, hardcover and digital version, you will have 3 pages with practically the same content.

Create a home page of the product, from where you can access the pages of the different formats, which include a canonical label that points to the main page. The optimal way is always to center each keyword on a single page to avoid any cannibalization problems.


Since in recent years it has become quite clear that content is king for Google. Let’s offer him a good throne then. Content is the most important part of a website and as much as it is well optimized at SEO level, if it is not relevant to searches made by users will never appear in the top positions.

To make a good analysis of the content of our website you have a few tools at your disposal, but in the end the most useful thing is to use the page with JavaScript and CSS disabled as explained above. This way you’ll see what content Google is actually reading and in what order it’s ready.